How to mount your bicycle brake discs?

Useful information:

Time: 10 Minutes | Difficulty: 1/5 Easy | Tools: 25 Torx wrench (for 6-hole discs) or Cassette wrench (for Center-Lock discs) and Torque wrench


  1. Remove the wheel from the bicycle and remove the old disc using the Torx T25 wrench (6-hole disc) or cassette wrench (Center-Lock disc).
  2. Place the new disc on the wheel respecting the direction of rotation indicated.
  3. Tighten the 6 screws (Torx T25 key) or the Center-Lock nut (cassette key) respecting the tightening torque specified by the manufacturer.
  4. Once the disc is mounted, perform a break-in.
  5. Check the tightness again.

BLACK RIDER ADVICE: The screws are normally equipped with BLUE thread lock. If your screws do not have threadlock, we advise you to use BLUE. We advise you not to use the GREEN color under penalty of a long suffering to remove your screws.

You are now ready to roll!

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